Our company

IB Labs is a high-tech company in the field of nano-machining and failure analysis.

Specifically focused on real-time control and automation, we combine sample treatment and analytical techniques into a single, seamless technology.  IB Labs introduces an entirely new concept of the in-situ surface preparation for physical and electrical failure analysis and imaging.

IB Labs’ solutions are based on its Integrated Beam core technology for site-specific real-time controlled planar de-layering at both wafer and chip levels. Integrated Beam Unit (IBU) is a next-generation Surface Micro-machining platform for Yield Engineering and Failure Analysis. With its open-concept modular ‎design, it is fully customizable. It is configurable as a stand-alone or integrated into existing Scanning Electron Microscopes, Mass- or Raman-spectrometers or other tools. IBU combines pioneering technology with a unique turn-key approach for imaging, real-time controlled sample preparation for SEM and TEM, 2D-to-3D image reconstruction and Materials Analysis at the nano-scale.

IB Labs is an international company with teams in North America and Europe.