Life Science / Interdisciplinary Research

The usage of our custom designed Duoplasmatron Ion-sources and Ion Beam Optics covers numerous industries and research applications. Additional applications include:

  • Ion beam assisted synthesis of new materials and biomolecules
  • Ion beam bioengineering by low energy ion-beam irradiation of organic and biological objects
  • ‎Discovery of new bio-effects induced by low and high energy ion implantation, e.g. damage and repair of DNA, chromosome structure modifications, cells mutations, …‎

At IB Labs we are continuously developing and improving our ion-sources and ion-optics systems and particularly ‎our ion beam processes. It is by applying the considerable technical knowledge of our experts that we are able to ‎find innovative solutions to scientific and technological challenges, serving the needs of a wide range of industries and ‎consistently delivering added value to our customers.‎

IB Labs is committed to finding innovative solutions to challenging interdisciplinary research applications. Our engineers have ‎worked with clients in different markets to find optimized designs and processes that meet detailed specifications whilst ‎remaining cost effective. If you are interested in utilizing our ion-beam based process and systems, please contact us for ‎further information.‎

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