Custom Ion-sources / Ion-optics

  • Low Energy Plasma Ion Gun

    High brightness ion beam systems based on an air cooled, cold cathode arc discharge duoplasmatron. This type of ion source generates positive ions of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and noble gases. Beam energies from 300 to 30,000 eV.  This ion source can be equipped with custom designed ion optical systems according to specific applications.

  • Ion Nanoprobe Formation Module

    Custom designed fine focusing ion beam system. Equipped with changeable beam apertures, low aberration objective lenses, beam stigmator and positioning scanning systems.

  • Custom Designed Laser Induced Ion Source

    Designed as part of molecular beam mass-analysis systems. Provides ionization, pulse extraction and acceleration of ions into the flight tube of RTOF MS.

  • Alkali Metals Ion Source

    Compact, high brightness, high purity Cs+ alkali metals ion source. Beam energies from 300 to 10,000 eV.  Can be integrated in custom ion-optical column according to specific applications.

  • Ion-beam Current In-line Monitor

    In-line ion beam current monitor for accurate measurements of ion beam currents. Equipped with apertures from durable materials (molybdenum or tantalum) and electrodes for secondary beam electrostatic suppression.

  • Ion-beam Extraction Optics

    Extraction, acceleration and focusing of ions at the first stage formation of ion beams. Equipped with extraction acceleration electrodes, condenser lenses with an ion beam trajectory correction system.

  • High Temperature Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) Source

    Atomic hydrogen source for generation of hydrogen flux.  High temperature thermal cracking of molecular hydrogen (H2) passed through a hot tungsten tube. In situ low temperature cleaning of surface contaminants, e.g. carbon and oxygen.  Source equipped with a water cooling system for reduction of process chambers contamination.

  • Ion nanoprobe formation module


  • Custom designed laser induced ion source


  • Alkali metals ion source


  • Low energy plasma ion gun


  • Ion beam current in-line monitor


  • Ion beam extraction optics


  • High temperature Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) source